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Leaning In: Leadership Challenges for Women

  • Published Jan 3, 2018
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By Julia Huprich

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In is a massive cultural phenomenon and its title has become an instant catchphrase for empowering women. These resources, curated from and from around the web, serve as guides to educate learners on the challenges facing women and to inspire and empower women in their leadership journeys.

Framing the Problem

This section includes the seminal TED Talk from Sheryl Sandberg that led to the "Lean In" movement, as well as research from the Pew Institute outlining issues women in leadership face.

Understanding the Issue

The lack of women in leadership isn't just a problem for women - it's a problem for all of us. These resources, from Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg, detail how the workplace is impacted when women aren't encouraged to "lean in."

Changing the Landscape

We can all play a role in the mission to encourage women to be powerful leaders. These resources help explain the impact that policy changes and new programs can have on women in leadership and the organization in general.

Practical Advice for Women

Resources has many resources, including the site listed below. Here, you'll find tips on being a workplace ally, mentor, positive peer, and role model.

What's Next

Women's voices are still not heard equally in leadership. This video from Sheryl Sandberg revisits some of the same issues she addressed in her first TED Talk.