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Community Building: Lessons in Growth and User Acquisition from Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

  • Published Jan 2, 2018
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By Julia Huprich

Startups need users. A LOT of users. Learn growth strategies from some of the best and the brightest in the business with these resources, which include videos and articles from staff at Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and more.

What Growth Looks Like

The series begins with a basic introduction to growth hacking from Lynda Smith at Stanford University. Next, you'll hear from Facebook's Alex Schultz on how startups can leverage growth strategies to increase their reach and impact. In addition, experts at Google, LinkedIn, and eBay share their take on what growth looks like.

Focus on Facebook

Pinterest's Progression

Zendesk's Secret to Success

Zendesk experienced rapid growth in 2017. Hear from their leaders in this article, written by Brianne Kimmel, recognized growth expert and head of growth at Zendesk.

Growth Office Hours

Looking Towards the Future

Andrew Chen, Head of Rider Growth at Uber, shows us what's next in growth by taking a look at the adoption patterns of innovations throughout history.