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Crypto & Bitcoin & Blockchain...Oh My?

  • Published Jan 2, 2018
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By Chris Baker

Interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency (crypto) has grown as early adopters have seen major returns on their original investments. This Path provides an introduction to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, looks at the risks and methods of investing in crypto, and gives an overview of how the technology behind Bitcoin, the blockchain, is poised to change the world.

Decrypting Crypto[currency]

Bitcoin was the first, and remains the most well-known cryptocurrency (crypto, for short), but there are over a thousand others now in existence. So, what is a cryptocurrency, why are they are developed, and how are they valued? Learn more with these resources:

Flip a [Bit]coin for It?

Bitcoin is considered the standard of cryptocurrencies and has seen enormous growth in value over the last few years. These resources give an overview of the origins, concepts, and applications of Bitcoin that have influenced its growth and dominance.

Opening your "Wallet" - Investing in Crypto

Interest in investing in Bitcoin and other crypto continues to grow alongside the price, and number, of coins available. These resources provide further information on the risks of investing in crypto, factors to consider before investing, and tools for investing.

Bigger than Bitcoin - The Blockchain

In tech terms, the blockchain is considered by many as more valuable than the cryptocurrencies it enables. These resources give an overview of the power of the blockchain technology in the future and its possible applications across economies and infrastructure.

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